Susana Abrash Dental Clinic

Our professional philosophy is based on preventive dentistry, taking the highest care of all the tissues of the natural dentition.
For this, we offer a customised assistance taking care of all the details. In order to guarantee the high quality of our treatments, we have incorporated the latest technology, which together with our passion and expertise, we hope to meet your expectations.
  • Close and friendly team
  • Comfortable clinic
  • Modern equipment
  • Convenient location
  • High-quality materials
  • Satisfaction guarantee
  • Customised assistance
  • Multilingual team
  • Proven expertise
  • Engagement
  • Innovation
  • Careful follow-up of treatments

Professional philosophy

In Abrash Dental Clinic we want to guarantee the high quality of our treatment stems from the use of the most up to date technology combined with our passion and expertise.
Our objective is to achieve the BEST result in the most comfortable, safe, fast and accurate way possible.

Dr. Susana Abrash


Dr. Abrash holds a degree in dentistry from Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid, Spain).
Expert in implantoprosthesis by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos (Madrid, Spain).
Specialist in Implantology from the European School of Oral Rehabilitation, Implantology and Biomaterials, honored with The First Thesis Award (Spain-Toulouse). Expert in pediatric dentistry by Ceodont (Madrid).
More than ten years of experience as a general dentist and implatologist in Spain and Luxembourg.