Pediatric dentistry

The basis of good dental health begins with establishing good hygiene and dental care habits from birth, in addition to performing the appropriate treatments to preserve the maximum health of baby teeth, which will be the basis for healthy permanent teeth.

Pediatric dentistry

We want children not to be afraid of the dentist and we work on this from a very early age. We show them that the dental clinic is a safe and friendly place, where we care about the health of their mouths. We also offer frequent dental health workshops to help them maintain a correct dental hygiene routine.

Pediatric dentistry is an extremely important dental specialty. In our dental clinic we are aware that the smiles of our children are the great smiles of the future and we take the best care of them.
We are experts in conservative dentistry for children. Our commitment is to keep children's natural teeth in perfect condition. Pediatric dentistry is focused on oral health care and prevention in children.
In order to offer a service based on exclusivity, we provide personalized attention to each patient. In other words, we plan the children's treatments according to their needs.


Oral health education workshops

Education in oral-dental hygiene is necessary for the well-being of children. For this reason, it is important to teach a correct dental hygiene routine from an early age.
At the Susana Abrash Dental Clinic we frequently organize workshops to boost the curiosity and ability of the youngest members of the family, so they can venture fearlessly and confidently into the world of oral and dental care.

Workshops for children


Organized in Luxembourg

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